How to create a Fictional Language

Creating Your Own Language Authors use languages to help them tell the stories of the fictional worlds they are creating, from Tolkien’s Elvish, to Dothraki in Game of thrones, Klingon from Star trek and Na’vi from Avatar. Sometimes, it can be as simple as creating a word to name something that doesn’t exist in our current language- other times, the author can create an entirely new language. A constructed language is called a conlang and is created by a person or a small group as opposed to being formed naturally as a part of a culture. Today, we can use … Continue reading How to create a Fictional Language

I’ve spent my life looking for a word

Hello Creative Writer, As a writer you well know the struggle of finding the perfect word. There are so many to choose from but there is a short list of words that convey the right nuance, the right emotion and the perfect message. It can be torturous to sit with a sentence nearly complete but for one word that hides at the tip of your tongues and on the edge of consciousness. Imagine, then, this feeling amplified. It is not just a sentence that needs completing. For years, decades, my mind has been searching for a word. I read as … Continue reading I’ve spent my life looking for a word