Why we hate some remakes and praise others

Hello Creative Writer, Today I’m just going to muse on the wonderful world of re imagined stories. We have all been there. We are flicking though videos on Youtube when we see a title like “Coming Soon: Disney Remakes Classic” You roll your eyes. Why? Why, can’t we get something new? Why indeed.. Yes, often a company will decide to take a property it owns and remake it a different way to exploit the nostalgia of it’s original audience in order to squeeze as much additional profit from the title as possible. But creatively retelling a story is sometimes an … Continue reading Why we hate some remakes and praise others

How Important is Character Development

Hello Creative Writer, We all know as writers that the act of telling a convincing and compelling tale is quite the difficult balancing act. We have to make sure the pacing is right and that the plot makes so as to avoid the dreaded plot hole. We need to make sure that the setting is believable and that there is a satisfying conclusion that lets the reader know that the story is over; whether it’s left a little open for a sequel or not. One of the hardest things to do in story building is to build up our characters. … Continue reading How Important is Character Development