Minutes from December 3, 2018 Meeting: Character Building

This week’s meeting focused on character building. We covered a lot of ground, so settle in. First off, let me refer you to this helpful post on creating a well-rounded character. We went over those five points and discussed how they can help address some common snags a writer may hit when crafting a character, including something called “the superhero problem” in which a character is too powerful to identify with, too invulnerable to allow the plot any sense of urgency, or too prominent in the plot to allow room to explore how other characters matter and are affected by … Continue reading Minutes from December 3, 2018 Meeting: Character Building

Minutes from November 26, 2018 Meeting

Happy last week of November! Just a quick reminder that we are holding write-ins this week to wrap up NaNoWriMo. Anyone who’d like a motivation boost is welcome to come by the library at Penn Highlands between 4 and 7 on Tuesday (tonight!), Wednesday, and Thursday. At yesterday’s meeting we discussed some of our difficulties with character development, and we continued our worldbuilding discussion, this time focused on culture. Though creating new geography and language can be difficult enough, creating a new culture or showcasing an existing one involves a lot more care. Some of our character building discussion: how … Continue reading Minutes from November 26, 2018 Meeting

Minutes from the November 19th meeting

Hello Creative Writer, Yesterday, Monday Nov. 19th we had a meeting and continued our discussion on fictional world building. This time our focus was on creating and using fictional languages in out stories. We discussed the reasoning and history behind conlangs (made-up languages) and talked about the base step required to start making out own. We started the meeting continuing our discussion on map building. It was interesting how much our personal experiences shape the locations and landscapes we use in our writing. Tip: it might take some research but pick locations different from the one in which you live. … Continue reading Minutes from the November 19th meeting