If you haven’t begun..Begin

Hello Creative Writer, In cause you haven’t noticed it’s now November and we are leaving behind the creepy challenges for a slightly bigger one.. NANOWRIMO Have you ever tried to write a novel? Well, have you ever tried to do it in one month. November is the time to push yourself, even if an entire fully realized novel isn’t the end result, the idea that writers all over are also putting butts in chairs and pens to paper, or fingers to keys to creative. I personally have never undertaken the official challenge- with work, school, social engagements, and more there … Continue reading If you haven’t begun..Begin

Pitt-Johnstown Fall Reading Series – Michael W. Cox – November 1, 2018

The Writing Department at Pitt-Johnstown hosts a Fall Reading Series every year, presenting one poet, one creative nonfiction writer, and one fiction writer during the fall semester. The readings are held in room 131 in Blackington Hall and are free and open to the public. For the final event in this year’s reading series, fiction writer Michael W. Cox will be reading this Thursday, November 1st at 7pm from his latest book, The Best Way to Get Even: A Novel. Dr. Cox teaches writing at Pitt-Johnstown and was one of my mentors when I attended. I proofread this novel a while back, … Continue reading Pitt-Johnstown Fall Reading Series – Michael W. Cox – November 1, 2018

Book Festival Season Part 2: Fall for the Book

Fall for the Book at George Mason University is one of my favorite literary festivals, and well worth the three-hour drive, especially if you live in Johnstown and are accustomed to driving to Pittsburgh to attend literary events. First off, the vibe. The campus is gorgeous in the fall: trees everywhere, leaves crunching. Tiny laminated festival posters, book covers of participating authors on the backs, hang fluttering from trees that line the walkways. There’s the requisite handful of big-name authors—the first time I attended this festival was purely to see Neil Gaiman—as well as nearly 200 other poets, journalists, historians, … Continue reading Book Festival Season Part 2: Fall for the Book