Rules and Regulations

When involved in this club we’d like you to keep a few things in mind.

1) Is it appropriate?

This club is a place for people of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels to share and learn. Pieces submitted for inclusion should not be overly violent, explicitly sexual, racist, sexist, or vulgar. The administrators reserve the right to exclude or remove any contribution that is deemed inappropriate for general audiences.

If you feel that the piece you’d like to submit may be a little more than PG13 please include a warning so that those who may not be comfortable reading it are given the opportunity to skip it.

2) Is it yours?

This club is a place to submit what you are working on-original work. You are free to share what your reading and even works from other authors but please remember to give the creator of the work credit. We know you wouldn’t like someone claiming your words as their own.

3) Is it necessary?

We all get a little heated sometimes, especially in defense of something we love. Please be respectful in your critics of others works and only criticize the work itself not the author. We are allowed to disagree and everyone is entitled to their opinion but please be kind in the comments.

With that said, please use your best discretion and manners in all interactions on this site and with other members.

Thank you!