Pandemic Poetry

April’s just about passed in a frantic blur as we adjust to new restrictions, new fears, and isolation. It’s been a while since the blog’s been very active, and it feels strange to be blogging just now, as if things are normal. Nothing is normal now and there’s no telling what normal will look like at the end of this. But if we still have readers: hi. Hope you’re all well, and safe, and finding ways to cope. This morning I discovered some poetry apps on my phone, downloaded in anticipation of National Poetry Month and forgotten in all of … Continue reading Pandemic Poetry

A big thank you to my 11 followers.

Hey!Back here again…with an obvious clear cut reason.This post goes out to the 11 followers who changed my life.Yes, that’s all I have, 11 followers and according to me that 2 digit number is pretty big, bigger than a million.I was pretty depressed when I started this blog, and almost grief stricken by the end of 2 years when I ended up having no followers at all, seriously two years of posting, editing, writing, rewriting and then it all came down to that.But then I realized something…. the truth, there are almost over (my approximation) a few million bloggers in … Continue reading A big thank you to my 11 followers.

MY NEW BLOG!!an announcement.

Hey readers!!This blog is to announce something big.I’ve not been able to write here for the past few days, and that was because I was busy with my new blog.Yes, I have started another blog all about books and reviews.Please check out my new blog and also like, share and follow if you like  my content. 🙂 My old blog : My new blog : Continue reading MY NEW BLOG!!an announcement.

Do you believe in God?

She asked me “do you believe in God?” My mind sprung back to this moment… God..isn’t he a miracle in himself.. When all hope is lost.. Like a ray of light ..suddenly emerges this embellished diamond from the depths of hell.. Only to wipe away our deepest fears And to bring smile and light..on that face… There is no such a question raised.. He is the epitome of love and kindness. All tied by a bow of sacrifice.. He returns hope. Continue reading Do you believe in God?