The Poetry is Coming

Hello Creative Writer, April is National Poetry Month so lets get the poetry flowing. If you’re like me then poetry might not be your strong suit. You might even feel as though this is a genre that is completely and utterly for other people, magical people who can make their poems feel touching rather than cheesy and eloquent instead of childish. When I was a very young writer I started out writing poetry and I was unafraid. I was fearless because I wasn’t judging myself against anyone else. I hadn’t read an epic poem; I’d never even dived into the … Continue reading The Poetry is Coming

Setting Writing Goals

Tis the season of resolutions…Why not set some that are specifically geared to your writing? Welcome Back Creative Writer, The break is at an end and the new semester is in full swing. Our next meeting will be in one week! At this time I’m hoping to get the opportunity to discuss setting writing goals. Typically, my writing goals tend to be related to the actual act of writing, ie word counts, hours and days devoted to writing, pages written etc. And yes, these are noble goals in their own right and they foster a healthy relationship with the practice … Continue reading Setting Writing Goals

Story break!

NaNoWriMo leaves little time for other pursuits, but getting out of your head and into somebody else’s words for a few minutes can do wonders for your writing. At least, it’s been good for mine—especially when I’m steeped in something I’ve been working on for a long time. It’s so easy to fall into patterns and forget there are other things you can do with words. Anyway, here’s The Rose MacGregor Drinking and Admiration Society by T. Kingfisher. It’s a charming story that sets a common fairy trope on its head in the most delightful way. On a similar note, here’s Blessings … Continue reading Story break!

More Horror Prompts

Here are a few more horror prompts for anyone having trouble with their horror stories. Our current challenge is a short (1000-word) haunted house piece, so perhaps not all of the prompts will suit—but, then again, if you’re in the mood to challenge yourself even further, it could be fun to see what kind of story you can craft from one of these prompts within the limitations already set. Also, plot generators, anyone? They’re so much fun to play with. This first one is specifically horror and VERY involved—perhaps better suited to a longer work, such as a novel or a … Continue reading More Horror Prompts

How to Write When You Don’t Have Time to Write — Flash Fiction Retreats

Let me be clear—I’m writing this while sitting in the middle of class. My students are free-writing and I am writing with them–because I always write with them and because I get 10 minutes to write. Maybe that wasn’t the answer you were hoping for. But it’s my reality. Week by week I take stock of […] via How to Write When You Don’t Have Time to Write — Flash Fiction Retreats Continue reading How to Write When You Don’t Have Time to Write — Flash Fiction Retreats

Prompt: Ghost Story

Hello Creative Writer, At our last meeting we discussed the seasonal necessity of writing a ghost story. As an assignment we have given ourselves two weeks to write a 1,000 word ghost story based on a local ghost story or legend. Lucky for us, our area, Johnstown, PA,  is full of wonderful legends. There are stories related to the floods that have devastated this area in the past but also local legends dating back to Indian folk tales. Providing us with plenty of inspiration to choose from. So, get your spooky juices flowing and tell us the story behind the … Continue reading Prompt: Ghost Story