What About Us

A poem I wrote in 2007- April 14, 2007 What about us? The reason why we search for love is simple. We want to be exceptional to someone, Even if the world can’t see out specialness We want someone who can. We need someone to think we’re important And to miss us when we’ve gone away. we cling to that person who thinks more of us them we do of ourselves but the world neglects us, rejects us, deflects us. So I have to know- What about those of us who are not exceptional, great or special? The normal, hum-drum, … Continue reading What About Us

Work Shopped Story Revision

Thomasa Pridgen Feb 2019 Love Story for Creative Writing Workshop He touched her arm and she could instantly feel the heat. She craved his touch so it wasn’t that she didn’t like, she did- a lot, but she could feel herself start to boil and she wondered if he would notice, if he could read the thoughts racing though her mind. She imagined him grabbing her and pulling her into him and the thought made her smile. She looked into his eyes knowing that if he never let go she would simply float away and somehow she’d be perfectly happy … Continue reading Work Shopped Story Revision

Becky’s Grave

[Challenge: Write a horror story based on a bit of local paranormal history.] Another cat. Another drape of dew-sodden fur over a worn headstone, blood sticky on the granite. Hardened black drips of candle wax make a witch-ring about the grave. Another Halloween. I never understood the part about the cats. A real witch would never. Whatever it is they want from me, living cats draw ghosts aplenty; that poor carcass will only draw flies. I want to bury the wretched thing right now; I can touch things, if I want enough. But any activity on my part would only … Continue reading Becky’s Grave

The Shadow Man

(Short Story for the Haunted Open Mic and Chilling October Writing Challenge) I don’t really remember when I first noticed him. I think I must have been very young. Too young to know that I shouldn’t be seeing him at all. When I became more aware- I did notice that I didn’t like him. A tall slim man in a top hat looming in a corner, his features blurred like he wasn’t really there- not really solid- a shadow. And he’s followed me. Every house or apartment I’ve ever lived- There he was. He’d pick a corner- usually in my … Continue reading The Shadow Man

The Killing Mansion

(Short Story written for our Haunted Open Mic and a Writing Challenge of Chilling October) My heart leap in my chest. Why had I let them convince me to do this? Spending a night in the abandoned Keenan “Killing” Mansion had become a rite of passage in the small town of Dover. At least 3 generations had challenged themselves and their peers to brave a stay at the sprawling estate near the end of town. By the time my turn came I’d already heard all the stories. The house was built in the late 1800’s by Robert Keenan, a tycoon … Continue reading The Killing Mansion