Minutes from January 28, 2019 meeting

First off, from here on out meetings will be limited to one hour. Anyone is welcome to hang out longer than that, but the time limit will help keep some of our discussions on track and ensure no one’s driving home too late on winter roads. Our next meeting will be Monday, February 4th at 5pm in the library. There’s no discussion on the agenda for next week so everyone can focus on their own projects, bearing in mind everything we learned about dialogue. We talked about its many roles in a narrative, how it contributes to plot and characterization, … Continue reading Minutes from January 28, 2019 meeting

Minutes from Jan 23, 2019 Meeting

Hello Creative Writer, We are back! The new semester is now in full swing which means we will be having regular club meetings again. We went into this first meeting open to discussion, catching  up on how everyone spent their holidays and if any of that time had been devoted to writing or reading. It was nice to see everyone again and dive back into a new year of inspiration and motivation. The main topic of the meeting ended up being “What do we want?” What do we want to write, learn, discuss and gain from this group this year? … Continue reading Minutes from Jan 23, 2019 Meeting

Minutes from December 14, 2018 Meeting

For our final meeting of 2018, following up on our character discussions of the last couple weeks, each of our writers brought in a character, major or minor, to introduce to the group. Some came with lists, while others had chosen to stage interviews with their characters.  Pooled together, we had a range of internal and external details—family dynamics, educational background, personality quirks, physical appearance, religion, favorite foods, full family history, personal traumas, professional history, social skills, etc., and how some of those traits inform the others. It sounds like everybody came out of this exercise knowing more about our characters … Continue reading Minutes from December 14, 2018 Meeting

Minutes from December 3, 2018 Meeting: Character Building

This week’s meeting focused on character building. We covered a lot of ground, so settle in. First off, let me refer you to this helpful post on creating a well-rounded character. We went over those five points and discussed how they can help address some common snags a writer may hit when crafting a character, including something called “the superhero problem” in which a character is too powerful to identify with, too invulnerable to allow the plot any sense of urgency, or too prominent in the plot to allow room to explore how other characters matter and are affected by … Continue reading Minutes from December 3, 2018 Meeting: Character Building

Minutes from November 26, 2018 Meeting

Happy last week of November! Just a quick reminder that we are holding write-ins this week to wrap up NaNoWriMo. Anyone who’d like a motivation boost is welcome to come by the library at Penn Highlands between 4 and 7 on Tuesday (tonight!), Wednesday, and Thursday. At yesterday’s meeting we discussed some of our difficulties with character development, and we continued our worldbuilding discussion, this time focused on culture. Though creating new geography and language can be difficult enough, creating a new culture or showcasing an existing one involves a lot more care. Some of our character building discussion: how … Continue reading Minutes from November 26, 2018 Meeting

Minutes from the November 19th meeting

Hello Creative Writer, Yesterday, Monday Nov. 19th we had a meeting and continued our discussion on fictional world building. This time our focus was on creating and using fictional languages in out stories. We discussed the reasoning and history behind conlangs (made-up languages) and talked about the base step required to start making out own. We started the meeting continuing our discussion on map building. It was interesting how much our personal experiences shape the locations and landscapes we use in our writing. Tip: it might take some research but pick locations different from the one in which you live. … Continue reading Minutes from the November 19th meeting

Minutes from November 12, 2018 Meeting

At today’s meeting we welcomed a new member, tossed around some NaNoWriMo ideas, and decided to hold some write-ins this week in the library at Penn Highlands. So: from 4-7pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week, there will be a table set aside for anyone who’d like to drop in at any point in the evening to get a little writing done in the company of other writers. Noelle unveiled a map she’s working on for her current fantasy project and we discussed mapmaking as a worldbuilding tool. We’ll continue the discussion at next week’s meeting (Monday, November … Continue reading Minutes from November 12, 2018 Meeting

Minutes from Oct 5th Meeting

We met on Monday in the library at PHCC. At the start of the meeting we discussed what we desired to do with the month of November. As NANOWRIMO we contacted Libraries, looking for and to establish write-ins, registering as a region and maybe creating even more long term connections with other groups, libraries and areas. If you or someone you know has completed a successful NANOWRIMO please contact us. Next we discussed out Haunted Open Mic and what we wanted to do with a future event. The decision was made that we enjoyed the idea of having an open … Continue reading Minutes from Oct 5th Meeting

Minutes from Oct 26, 2018 Meeting

Yesterday we met to discuss plans for next week’s Haunted Open Mic. Decorations are on deck and food will be provided. Gloom was a big hit at Gaming Night and is a perfect fit for Halloween, so we’ll be breaking that out again. Now we just need you, your writing, and an audience. A couple of us shared new ghost stories and it sounds like everyone else is hard at work on theirs. I can’t wait to hear what you’ve all come up with! No new writing challenge this week, as we’re shifting our focus from writing to polishing in … Continue reading Minutes from Oct 26, 2018 Meeting

Minutes from Oct 15, 2018 Meeting

Hello Creative Writer We had an amazingly productive meeting yesterday. To open the meeting we discussed what has been accomplished with the blog. We have been trying to add a new post every few days, we created a rules and regulations page, and we even added a chat room section that can be used for digital meetings in the future. This is exciting because it means that we can host meetings online that anyone can attend! Which we are looking at implementing soon. We also talked about our new Facebook page, which Kate created. It looks fantastic and will add … Continue reading Minutes from Oct 15, 2018 Meeting