Happy Valentine’s Day

Hello Creative Writer, Happy Valentine’s Day! This was always one of my favorite holidays because as a kid you got to have a party in school. Everyone brought in valentine’s and treats and you got to exchange them.  Every year my mother bought me a pretty new dress; usually red or pink and covered in hearts to wear and it was pure fun. As difficult as it might be to believe, this holiday of love and kindness actually stems from a violent and horrific past. The Catholic Church honored two men, both named Valentine, who were both executed by Emperor … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day

Query Writing Craft Talk Notes

Query Writing for Beginners The world of publication is always changing but the thing you need to remember more than anything else is that It’s a Business. These people make their livings on writing- it’s not a hobby and they are only interested in words that are going to sell and sell a lot. You are providing a product to them that they can change, package, market and distribute. With that in mind, you have to convince them that your story is worth investing in because in the long run it will make money. You should finish your story because … Continue reading Query Writing Craft Talk Notes

The Query

Hello Creative Writer, As was mentioned in the minutes from our last meeting, next week we will be having a craft talk about writing query letters, which I will be leading. Before that talk I wanted to provide a little background. This might be good for thinking up questions and topics of discussion. What is a Query Letter anyway? When I think of a Query Letter I think of a Cover Letter. When you submit an application for a job you are often asked to include a Cover letter. This is an important writing skill for even “non-writer” writers. This … Continue reading The Query

Writing Dialogue- 10 Tips for Writing Good Dialogue

Writing Dialogue 10 Tips to Writing Good Dialogue Dialogue is used with purpose to reveal information to the reader that is known to the character. Do this carefully. The lines should still sound realistic and one character should not be delegated all the exposition, this makes that character feel one dimensional and tedious. Avoid information dumping. Space things out to create suspense and keep the sections of dialogue short. Most people don’t like being stuck listening to a long monologue- unless you’re Shakespeare and the character is talking to himself. Make sure that the reader knows who is speaking– This … Continue reading Writing Dialogue- 10 Tips for Writing Good Dialogue

Minutes from Jan 23, 2019 Meeting

Hello Creative Writer, We are back! The new semester is now in full swing which means we will be having regular club meetings again. We went into this first meeting open to discussion, catching  up on how everyone spent their holidays and if any of that time had been devoted to writing or reading. It was nice to see everyone again and dive back into a new year of inspiration and motivation. The main topic of the meeting ended up being “What do we want?” What do we want to write, learn, discuss and gain from this group this year? … Continue reading Minutes from Jan 23, 2019 Meeting

Setting Writing Goals

Tis the season of resolutions…Why not set some that are specifically geared to your writing? Welcome Back Creative Writer, The break is at an end and the new semester is in full swing. Our next meeting will be in one week! At this time I’m hoping to get the opportunity to discuss setting writing goals. Typically, my writing goals tend to be related to the actual act of writing, ie word counts, hours and days devoted to writing, pages written etc. And yes, these are noble goals in their own right and they foster a healthy relationship with the practice … Continue reading Setting Writing Goals

Happy New Year!

Welcome to a New Year Creative Writer! At the end of each year is seems necessary to take a moment and reflect. While some choose to use this time to think about new fitness routines or career goals, I like to also spare a moment for reviewing what i’ve written. I was very hard on myself this year for not writing consistently. Though, joining a community of writers definitely helped with this issue; I still felt like I had somehow failed. Then I pulled out my flash drive and looked more closely. I completed an entire novel at the beginning … Continue reading Happy New Year!

The Power of Voice

Hello Creative Writer, In the vein we’ve been in, character, over the last few weeks I’d like to offer up one other important character in the story that as of yet we haven’t mentioned. You. Or more specifically the voice in which you choose to tell your story. Now, this can be pretty interesting especially if you aren’t telling the story in 1st person, from the point of view of a character within the story. When you are “outside” the story telling and  showing the reader what is happening, what people are thinking and doing, you become a character as … Continue reading The Power of Voice

Writer’s Block

We have all been there haven’t we creative writer? You are plugging along pretty speedily on a story, the plot is progressing and everything feels great then suddenly without warning, like the entrance of a villain in a horror movie, it starts to loom. You can feel the creative river start to dry out until it is barely a stream and then BAMMMMM! Nothing. You stare at the screen or the page and you want to put words there but nothing is happening and nothing will come out. You look at your story boards, outlines, character sketches and plot maps– … Continue reading Writer’s Block

My Top 5 Rules for Good Characters

Everyone has their own rules for writing.. here are just a few of mine. 1) Layer. No person in reality is just one thing. Not just “The Funny Guy” , just “The Villain” or just “The Love Interest”. They aren’t always happy, disagreeable or kindhearted. People have lots of facets so give your characters dimension by letting them have lots of sides that we get to see. Where you come from and how you were raised have a huge impact on who you become. Carefully layer details that create a rounded character. 2) Relationships. People do not exist in a … Continue reading My Top 5 Rules for Good Characters