The Creative Writer’s Club 101 is a creative writing group for anyone who likes to read, write and create. It’s a community of people coming together to support and inspire one another while also learning and growing as writers together.

Founded and based in Johnstown, Pennsylvania this group holds meetings at the Pennsylvania Highlands Community College Library.

Our goal is to create a safe and supportive space for writers to write, share ideas, tips and tricks, and collaborate in joint projects, games and events that provide an outlet for lovers of language, learning and fun.

On this site we will post our stories, poems, snippets of novels, prompts, ideas, tips, tricks and more. Here we will be able to share what is going on in our community of writers and discuss what we are working on and reading.

As we grow it is my personal hope that we become a safe haven for writers who feel that they have no one to turn to who understands the amazing and difficult thing that is writing. You are not alone. Join us.