How did your NANOWRIMO go?

So November is officially over and for those of you who were working diligently on your novels I commend you! Trying to write an entire 50,000 word novel in a single month is daunting but it is also a great exercise in just doing it.

Often, I feel that my stories suffer from the dreaded belief that it’s never going to be right. The story in my mind is this big shiny thing- it’s absolutely perfect and what ends up on the page is never quite what I was striving for. So, I re-write it and re-write it and erase and erase until I have done hours and hours of work with absolutely nothing to show for it.

In the past when I attempted NanoWrimo I almost always ended up with an imperfect story. Despite my planning there were conflicts, dropped story lines, underdeveloped characters, and unrealistic dialogue. There were missing or weak arcs and there was a lot that I was so disappointed about.

What I’ve learned about this whole practice is that there were also triumphs. One of my favorite stories that I’ve written began as a November writing madness project. It wasn’t complete in a month. I worked on editing and re-writing for many months afterwards but the heart of the story was there on the page just waiting to be explored.

Let’s keep the momentum and do some more writing this month. December is as good a time as any to write. So whether you are revise your NanoWrimo masterpiece or need a break to work on something completely different. Write.

Share your thoughts and plans in the comment section below.

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