‘Tis the Season to Be Creeped Out

I’m a chicken. But I’m a chicken who loves a theme, so every October I steel my nerves and look for scary reads. Most years I gravitate toward the classics, safely familiar stories like Dracula, Carmilla, or Frankenstein, because I like the trappings of horror without the actual being afraid part. And last October when we challenged each other to write horror stories, I kept mine pretty tame, because I wasn’t quite in the mood to scare myself. This year feels different. So for the next two weeks I’ll be reading more horror and more about horror, trying to figure out what makes a good horror story. Hopefully I’ll have something to share by the end of it. Feel like diving in with me?

If you have any advice for writing horror, or a favorite chilling read for October, chime in down in the comments!


One thought on “‘Tis the Season to Be Creeped Out

  1. Writing horror scares me because horror is one of those genres that is really easy to get wrong.. Think of any horror movie that came off more as funny than scary.. B movie masterpieces. I think the best horror stories keep it subtle; when there is a question as to what is really happening, whether everything is coming from an unreliable narrator or maybe it might have a “reasonable” explanation but that also depends on the type of horror story you want to tell. I love the ghost story and haunted house story because it’s a well understood theme but it can be executed (lol) or twisted in so many different ways.
    As you dive deep into horror keep in mind that your fear is a huge asset for this theme. Dig deep into what frightens you..and why.

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