A big thank you to my 11 followers.

Hey!Back here again…with an obvious clear cut reason.This post goes out to the 11 followers who changed my life.Yes, that’s all I have, 11 followers and according to me that 2 digit number is pretty big, bigger than a million.I was pretty depressed when I started this blog, and almost grief stricken by the end of 2 years when I ended up having no followers at all, seriously two years of posting, editing, writing, rewriting and then it all came down to that.But then I realized something…. the truth, there are almost over (my approximation) a few million bloggers in wordpress, and many readers who themselves are bloggers, so to channel this into someone’s blog.Not happening.There are a 1000 people out there like me, who post good content still have no followers.Thats the bare truth life has to hold.To reach somewhere means to work hard, to sweat and earn it.And these two years taught me not to give up, to keep striving.And then this year, I started receiving pretty below average feedbacks.All my posts which were absolutely ignored, started receiving a bit few like 2-5 likes and 11 followers.It showed me, that hard work always pays.And this post goes out to all those 11 angelic souls out there, who follow me.

I want to thank you personally for being there, and choosing me to be followed out of the million people crowd.Aneika Binns, Dr.perry, Christian Mihai, digitaltools4you, operation x, karthik raj, godly chic diaries, mountain aquarius and letstalk111.THANK YOU!!!!!!And at last, follow, like and share my blog for great content and a guaranteed I’ll follow you back 🙂 (cause I know how tough it’s out here).

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