Hello Creative Writer,

It seems like it’s been ages since we spoke. We took a bit of a break to let all of our members rest, relax and vaca as summer demands but I just thought i’d check in.

We are so excited to get this new semester started. We will be resuming meetings at the PHCC library location and hopefully planning more fun and inspiring writing events.

This summer has actually been a great time for reflecting and working independently on our writing skills. As we move back into the “nose to the grind stone” energy of Fall it’s time to put that independent study to work.

So, that brings me to my reason for intruding on your summer vacation for a moment. What are you hoping to get out of the Creative Writer’s Club this year? We want your ideas.

What kinds of topics would you like to discuss?

What types of genres and stories do you want to explore?

What kinds of activities, writing prompts/ challenges, games or events do you want to see?

This group is meant to be a fun but also useful so let’s makes some plans and get those juices flowing.

Personally, I loved our craft talks about world building last term. This one about Character Building was a favorite of mine.

I think it might be nice to take a couple more dives into genres that we don’t typically write.. For me…Comedy. I’d love to have some discussion on what makes funny happen.

Also, you are free to write posts on this site and we encourage you too. Share something you’ve been working on, if you’re prepared to share of course, or post resources, articles or books that you’d recommend to your fellow writers.

Our term begins August 26th and we will arrange a meeting and let you know when they will begin. So be prepared..Fall is coming 🙂




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