Reading: The Best Friend of Writing

There is nothing like being a writer and opening a book that someone else wrote.

When I was younger I was thoroughly intimidated to write after reading the likes of Dickens, Wordsworth and Shakespeare. Who wouldn’t be?

You think, how can I call myself a writer when I know darn well I can’t write like that? You might be discouraged before you even even put pen to paper.

As i’ve gotten older though I look instead at these powerhouses and more as my goals and teachers, my mentors and friends.

I read to learn- what do they get right and what do they get wrong and how can I improve based on their examples. I read broadly and I read deeply and I analyze the voices to better understand and hone my own.


What are you guys reading right now? Who are your favorite writers?

2 thoughts on “Reading: The Best Friend of Writing

  1. I’m doing a lot of rereading these days. It was meant to be a break but it’s turning into a study in character dynamics. We never really quit, do we?

    Recent favorites: Brooke Bolander, Sarah Gailey, Aliette de Bodard


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