Looking Forward

Now that you’re through the crush of finals and have (hopefully) had a chance to relax, it’s a good time to think about your summer writing goals. It can be hard to imagine finding time to write while working, taking summer classes, or planning vacations, but during the last two semesters we found that we were better able to make the most of our scant writing time when we had other writers to encourage us. The writing group was a source of inspiration, encouragement, accountability, even commiseration when needed. Whatever the topic, our discussions always left us inspired and eager to carve out a few extra minutes for writing. I hope we can keep that motivation going through the summer months.

As we discovered while fretting over our New Year’s writing resolutions, it’s helpful to focus on small, achievable goals that work toward your end goal. “Finish the novel this summer” is a wonderful ambition; breaking that ambition down into smaller tasks will make it seem less daunting. That list of tasks will help you decide what to work on each time you sit down to write, and being able to check off small achievements will help you keep momentum as you work toward your goal.

If school or work has disrupted your writing, remember that it can take some time to get back into the habit. You may spend your first few sessions staring at a blank page, or take a week to write those 500 words you were writing every day before midterms, but you’ll find your rhythm with practice. Try not to get discouraged. If you find yourself freezing up, taking a break to do a little research or vent to your writing group can help knock things loose.

What are your writing goals this summer? Do you have a particular project you’ll be focusing on or a habit you’d like to develop? What are your tricks for staying productive during the summer? Chime in down in the comments!


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