As I lie down on the grass..I go back to him..his thoughts..his face..his lips..his hands..his eyes…his..

All I can think of is him..even in this state of utter denial..I can’t stop..I have no choice

But to glance back..

To hope …that I see his small hand safe in mine

The way he used to run around

The way he used to smile

Pure innocence rippling through his face

But little did I know

All this was a dream..

The wind that passed by would take him away..and I would be left

Alone..gazing at the stars…

Wishing he would come back..

For me to hold..

I wish for him..I wish for my son.

2 thoughts on “Him

  1. This is beautiful! At first I thought you were talking about an ex boy-friend or some lost love but as it progressed it became very clear that something much worse has happened. Great poem!

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