The Poetry is Coming

Hello Creative Writer,

April is National Poetry Month so lets get the poetry flowing.

If you’re like me then poetry might not be your strong suit. You might even feel as though this is a genre that is completely and utterly for other people, magical people who can make their poems feel touching rather than cheesy and eloquent instead of childish.

When I was a very young writer I started out writing poetry and I was unafraid. I was fearless because I wasn’t judging myself against anyone else. I hadn’t read an epic poem; I’d never even dived into the creative world of Shel Silverstein yet. I didn’t know good Poetry so I didn’t know bad poetry either.

As I grew up and began reading more and more I was introduced to Poe and Dickinson, Frost and Whitman. And suddenly, just like that, I didn’t write poems anymore.

How could I complete with that? Who was I to think I could create on that level?

When I was in my teens and early 20s Slam Poetry became popular and Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam was on TV and suddenly I loved poetry again. The young poets on this show had talent and passion and their words resonated. Sometimes, they were hilariously funny other times serious and brutally honest enough to hurt your heart. I’d sit with my tape recorder, yes a tape recorder- don’t judge me, and i’d record their voices so that I could listen to them over and over again. It was practically religious for me.

For April, this year, just once, lets discard the fear of failure and the intimidation of “Bad Poetry”! Lets drink Odin’s Mead of Poetry and write sonnets, limericks and free verse!  Let’s rejoice in a world where poems exist and we have the power to write them too.

Let’s write poems, good and maybe bad, because we can!


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