The New Age of Writing

I was just reading an article about how the invention of the Ball Point Pen changed the world of writing and how a remarkable amount of people are now deciding to go back to Fountain Pens. 

For me.. I love the act of writing in whatever form it may take but the invention the the Ball point pen wasn’t a bad one. It gave us the ability to keep our pages cleaner, not to have to worry about spills or smudges and you don’t need to refill them because they are mostly disposable and last a surprisingly long time.

For all the benefits there is still something about using a fountain pen or quill when writing that I absolutely love, especially for cards and letters. I’ve even invested in sealing wax and seals…It’s kind of an obsession.

So Creative Writers..Tell me..How do you like to write?

Computer, typewriter, ball point pen and paper, lined paper, parchment, quills- there are tons of options. Which is your favorite?

One thought on “The New Age of Writing

  1. Fountain pen convert over here. They’re pretty, they glide across the page, and the ink varieties are endless. My favorite color to write in is brown, which is so hard to find in a ballpoint or a gel pen, let alone one that writes well. Now I can choose between a variety of browns, including one that sparkles and one that smells like chocolate (yeah, grownups get scented inks now!). They’re more comfortable to write with, too. I can write for hours without my hand cramping up. If I have a new ink, I want to fill a pen and test it out, and suddenly that blank page isn’t so intimidating. It’s only been a year since somebody gifted me my first fountain pen, and because of it I’ve written more in that one year than several previous years combined. Having to copy it all onto the computer later just gives me an opportunity to review what I’ve written.

    Still. Root through my purse and you’ll find four or five backup ballpoints/gel pens floating around. They’re less likely to leak, they don’t demand special storage (ask me about my fountain pen cases), and the ink doesn’t dry up during a writing slump. Progress is progress for a reason. I’ll never reject a useful tool, even if it does make my hand cramp up fast.


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