Minutes from February 11, 2019 Meeting

This week’s meeting focused on the query letter. The topic can be a little mystifying, but Thomasa’s been querying her novels for a while now and was able to break down the process for us: its importance if you’ve chosen the traditional publishing route, how to research and choose agents who are both trustworthy and a good fit for your work, how to write a query letter, and how to approach a contract once your letter is successful. You can get the handout from the meeting here. It includes a formatting guide and a sample query letter broken down and critiqued by an agent.

We’ve got a long weekend coming up, so next week’s meeting will be on Tuesday, February 19. We’re preparing for our first workshop as a group, and since a few of our writers have never been part of a workshop before we’ll spend this meeting talking about how to read one another’s work critically and provide constructive criticism. At the end of the meeting we’ll distribute our stories to the group (remember, the challenge is a love story of around 1000 words), so everyone will have a week to read them and make notes before the workshop the following Monday.


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