Minutes from Jan 23, 2019 Meeting

Hello Creative Writer,

We are back! The new semester is now in full swing which means we will be having regular club meetings again. We went into this first meeting open to discussion, catching  up on how everyone spent their holidays and if any of that time had been devoted to writing or reading. It was nice to see everyone again and dive back into a new year of inspiration and motivation.

The main topic of the meeting ended up being “What do we want?”

What do we want to write, learn, discuss and gain from this group this year? Well, in the course of the meeting we seemed to agree on a few things.

  1. We want to focus some time on discussing and studying the “Art of Dialogue”. As an assignment we will be coming in ready and raring for the new meeting with our insights, research and questions. Dialogue can make or break a story so we will dive into how to make it the best it can be in our writing projects.
  2. We want to dive more deeply into the world of publishing. A very different direction than the art of writing itself, the “Business of Writing” is one that we would like to explore- discussions about writing queries, working with editors, self publishing and participating in contests came up a lot and we agreed that it would be very interesting to learn more about this aspect of writing. There is a lot to know both creatively and legally about writing for publication and we want to help provide some good advice and reputable sources for our members and readers.
  3. We want to refine the group’s scope a bit- focus will be devoted to getting our digital members methods to be directly involved with meetings through Zoom and our chatroom on this site. Making it possible to have more members who live further away participate in the conversation.
  4. We want to continue our craft talks about character and the practice of writing. Complex and engaging characters are a foundation to great stories and we have already seen vast improvement in this category since our in depth discussions last semester.
  5. We want to think more about possible writing projects for readers. The idea of contributing to the school newsletter was proposed. I also think a club anthology, magazine or even newsletter would be very fun to create quarterly or per semester.

This year is off to a wonderful start and I hope you’ll join us as we learn, study and write together.

Our next meeting will be Monday Jan. 28th at 5pm in the PHCC library. Please join us!

There will also be a game night on Thursday Jan. 31st at 4pm- Bring your favorite board games!


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