The Power of Voice

Hello Creative Writer,

In the vein we’ve been in, character, over the last few weeks I’d like to offer up one other important character in the story that as of yet we haven’t mentioned. You.

Or more specifically the voice in which you choose to tell your story.

Now, this can be pretty interesting especially if you aren’t telling the story in 1st person, from the point of view of a character within the story. When you are “outside” the story telling and  showing the reader what is happening, what people are thinking and doing, you become a character as well and the voice you choose becomes quite important to the telling.

The narrator can be a flawed character, in fact it can be very entertaining if they are. They can takes sides and play favorites. They can be wrong or misinformed. The narrator is a character that impacts what the reader believes is going on and how they should feel about it, thus shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Often, when we write, we are the narrator. It’s a story told from our point of view with our personal biases and beliefs. That doesn’t always have to be the case however, we can choose.

So, in all the character studies and brainstorming, spare a moment to think about the narrator. What do they believe is happening and are they right? Are they trying to be impartial or do they perhaps play favorites? How is the way the story is being told going to affect how the reader feels about what is happening on the page? All interesting questions. Happy Writing.

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