Minutes from the November 19th meeting

Hello Creative Writer,

Yesterday, Monday Nov. 19th we had a meeting and continued our discussion on fictional world building. This time our focus was on creating and using fictional languages in out stories. We discussed the reasoning and history behind conlangs (made-up languages) and talked about the base step required to start making out own.

We started the meeting continuing our discussion on map building. It was interesting how much our personal experiences shape the locations and landscapes we use in our writing. Tip: it might take some research but pick locations different from the one in which you live. There are swamps, beaches, deserts, plains, and icy tundras..branch out from telling stories in the woods!

We have been working like crazy this month on NanoWrimo! Partnering with local libraries to have write-in of which anyone is welcome to join. The next sessions will take place in the PHCC library from 4-7 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the 27th, 28th and 29th next week. Please join us in writing those final chapters of your Nanowrimo projects.

We talked a lot about our writing processes and how this Nanowrimo has brought out some really great shifts in our writings, we also talked out the struggles of writer’s block, organizing chapters and ideas, and keeping story lines straight. Scrivner is a wonderful tool and Kate provided a detailed and interesting demo of how it works. It’s a wonderful tool for keeping your research in order and helping with the flow of your story. Check it out if you haven’t.

Next week, Monday Nov. 26, 2018 at 5PM in the PHCC Library, we will be discussing character building, why flawed characters are so much fun to write and how to make your characters more well rounded and believable.

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