Minutes from Oct 5th Meeting

We met on Monday in the library at PHCC.

At the start of the meeting we discussed what we desired to do with the month of November. As NANOWRIMO we contacted Libraries, looking for and to establish write-ins, registering as a region and maybe creating even more long term connections with other groups, libraries and areas.

If you or someone you know has completed a successful NANOWRIMO please contact us.

Next we discussed out Haunted Open Mic and what we wanted to do with a future event. The decision was made that we enjoyed the idea of having an open mic but to eliminate any possible confusion we would call future open mics “Literary Open Mic” and we are thinking that the next one should take place in mid to the end of January after the Holidays and finals.

We played with out literary dice and creative cards to get the juices flowing creating funny little stories about wizards, princesses, and magic.

Afterward I shared the first chapter of my NANOWRIMO murder mystery story..and we discussed.

Our next meeting was agreed upon for Monday Nov. 12, 2018 at 5pm in the PHCC Library– all are welcome!

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