If you haven’t begun..Begin

Hello Creative Writer,

In cause you haven’t noticed it’s now November and we are leaving behind the creepy challenges for a slightly bigger one.. NANOWRIMO

Have you ever tried to write a novel? Well, have you ever tried to do it in one month. November is the time to push yourself, even if an entire fully realized novel isn’t the end result, the idea that writers all over are also putting butts in chairs and pens to paper, or fingers to keys to creative.

I personally have never undertaken the official challenge- with work, school, social engagements, and more there never seems to be the necessary time in my day to day to really get it done. Of course this is an excuse. We writers can be very creative in our excuses but this isn’t even a very good one. The truth. I don’t write as often because I  desire to also do other things. BUT in the spirit of November and NANOWRIMO I do challenge myself to attempt to write more words and more often.

I’m currently working on a story- a murder mystery. And I’m enjoying the change of genre again, writing in a style I’m not used to and that I haven’t had much practice in. As I weave together the narrative, I’m not focused on word count or even if it’s particularly wonderful- I want it written. The joy of editing can only be achieved once you have something to edit.

So Writers, near and far, challenge yourself in the ways that work best for you. Write something. Share your NANOWRIMO Stories, tips, tricks and experiences in the comments below!


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