Haunted Open Mic

We held our first Open Mic on Halloween!

We’d been challenging one another to write horror stories throughout the month of October, and while one or two of us felt we weren’t wholly suited to the genre, the exercises certainly paid off. By the end of the month we were more confident in our work and our abilities to scare an audience, and we were excited to share these new stories outside of our writing circle.

And the stories were definitely scary. Many of them managed also to be charming, funny, and delightfully weird, but no matter what softer tones the stories occasionally took, each maintained a sharp undercurrent of terror.

After the telling was over we talked about the research that went into some of these tales—the unsettling things the writers read about or experienced themselves, the accounts that can’t be explained away—and we all went away a little more aware of bumps in the night and shadows lingering just out of sight.

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