Minutes from Oct 26, 2018 Meeting

Yesterday we met to discuss plans for next week’s Haunted Open Mic. Decorations are on deck and food will be provided. Gloom was a big hit at Gaming Night and is a perfect fit for Halloween, so we’ll be breaking that out again. Now we just need you, your writing, and an audience. A couple of us shared new ghost stories and it sounds like everyone else is hard at work on theirs. I can’t wait to hear what you’ve all come up with!

No new writing challenge this week, as we’re shifting our focus from writing to polishing in the days leading up to the open mic. In the interest of keeping things running smoothly, I hope everyone can make some time before Wednesday to practice reading their chosen pieces aloud, and maybe time your readings while you’re at it. We floated the idea of time limits but ultimately decided that everyone can use their best judgment, but there will be a signup sheet to determine the order of readers. Also, while the focus is on everyone’s original work, if you have a favorite short Halloween story, poem, etc., that you like to read every year, feel free to bring that in to share as well. Life so rarely affords us opportunities to sit around a creepily-lit room and scare each other with words, so let’s take what comes our way.

Also discussed: immediately after Halloween is November—National Novel Writing Month! November can be a very busy month for everybody, but perhaps that’s the best reason to pull together to keep each other motivated, and to carve out a little time whenever possible to focus on whatever writing project is most important to you, since our creative pursuits are often the first things to be sacrificed to a hectic schedule. In that spirit I’d like to host a few write-ins in the library if folks are interested, and I’ll be keeping you all updated on other NaNoWriMo events going on in the area. The NaNoWriMo website and its forums are a great source of motivation, inspiration, and solidarity for writers.

And, speaking of motivation, here’s a whole subreddit full of writing prompts, courtesy of Noelle. I’ve only dug through a few posts so far but it looks like a fantastic resource.

That’s all for this week. Hope to see you all Wednesday night!

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