The Guy from my College Creative Writing Course

Hello Creative Writers,

Ok, so when I was in college I took a creative writing course and I absolutely loved it. It was one of the main reasons I ended up deciding to pursue an English degree. I was just thinking about this a moment ago, reminiscing on that time, when I recalled a classmate of mine.

We’ll call him George, for the sake of simplicity and privacy. George was a brilliant writer. A bit pretentious, yes, but aren’t we all at that time in our lives. He was a voracious reader and had already read all the greats before I scarcely knew they existed.

One of the things George did that I envy and have tried to implement over the years, to little if any avail, was his ability to make writing practice of anything.

He wrote as though he were working on a novel all the time. That meant text messages from him were poetry, emails were crafted with the same though and purpose as short stories, and anytime he put pen to paper he did so with the aim to advance his writing talents. Facebook posts, tweets, and study notes were things of absolute beauty.

Now, it may freak your boss out a bit if you were to start emailing like this at work and we can only hope our friends and families are clever enough to de-tangle a clever turn of phrase within a text message but I challenge you this week to do all your writing, big and small, with purpose. Think about the words you choice to use, even in speaking we are crafting our worlds and honing our crafts. Words are powerful, let’s unleash them on an unsuspecting world.


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