Minutes from Oct 15, 2018 Meeting

Hello Creative Writer

We had an amazingly productive meeting yesterday.

To open the meeting we discussed what has been accomplished with the blog. We have been trying to add a new post every few days, we created a rules and regulations page, and we even added a chat room section that can be used for digital meetings in the future. This is exciting because it means that we can host meetings online that anyone can attend! Which we are looking at implementing soon.

We also talked about our new Facebook page, which Kate created. It looks fantastic and will add an additional element for connecting. http://www.facebook.com/Creativewriters101- Please stop by and give the page a like! We are thinking this page will be a digital board where members can post events that are coming up, ideas for blogs, projects and assignments and where we can connect with other groups.

We discussed the Game night event which was a lot of fun. We got together to play the card game Gloom, creating scary stories together in a interesting and very entertaining night of creativity.

Next we discussed out New Business, Halloween Party/Open Mic! On Halloween night at 5:00pm in the Library at PHCC we will be hosting the spookiest event yet. There will be pizza and candy, we are going to read the creepy stories we’ve been working on, playing games, and dressing up. This is going to be a really fun night and all our writers are welcome to join us!

In addition to this we also discussed creating a Schoology group for students of PHCC to use to connect to each other and we are investigating the possibility of using Zoom to host real time video conference meetings for students and members in far away locations..Bear with us as we research the practically and functionality of this option.

After all the main business was discussed we shared what we have been working on- our Ghost Stories based on local legends. The stories were superb and will be added to the blog after the Halloween party.

Finally, before adjourning the meeting we discussed our new project due on Oct.  26nd. at noon; Haunted House Stories. Keeping in the ghost story vibe we are challenging ourselves again to bring another ghost story to the group that inspires the chills.

So get your thinking caps on Creative Writers and lets get these Haunted Houses built!

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