Are you writing today?

Hello Creative Writer,

One of the hardest things about learning any skill is practicing. It’s frustrating not being just naturally brilliant. And even if you do happen to possess supernatural writing talent at some point you will still have to take up the painstaking and nerve-wreaking task of sitting down and doing the work.

The best way to get good at anything is to do it. Alot. Over and over and over. On some type of regular schedule. And unfortunately, writing is no different. The more you write and read the better and easier it gets until you don’t have to pull out the thesaurus every few minutes or use the word talent instead of prowess because the spelling and meaning temporarily escaped you. Words will start to come more easily, ideas will flourish and you might, to your own amazement, finish your novel!

So, are you making time for writing today? Is it penciled into your planner? Do you know what you need to force yourself to sit and work- coffee, food, a typewriter, a special pen, pet or group.  Let’s make a writing habit!

One thought on “Are you writing today?

  1. This is such a great reminder. Sometimes life takes over and makes it impossible to carve time out of every day to write, and I’m too easily convinced, once I’ve fallen out of the daily habit, that it’s not necessary or not important, and reforming a habit can be a daunting task. But that practice is crucial. Today, after about a year of learning to pick up the habit again and again, a year in which I wrote many more days than I didn’t, those dry spells don’t hinder my ability to get words onto the page the way they once did. It’s like the muscles are more limber than they ever were before, and picking up the habit again after dropping it is no longer a chore–it’s a relief.

    I’ll never be perfect, and I still believe my real talent (or prowess) lies in editing, not storytelling, but I’ve made huge strides simply because I was fortunate enough to have the time and took it.

    “I find almost nothing as hard as bringing myself to write fiction; almost nothing destabilizes me more than not having written fiction.” – R. O. Kwon

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