Minutes from Oct. 8, 2018 Meeting

Hello Creative Writer,

We had a meeting on Monday!

We started the meeting with a update on our progress: the blogs creation and design were discussed, a possibility of more digital involvement in the forms of social media and chat spaces and the need to establish literary guidelines.

We then had a brief discussion on the process of writing our ghost stories. We all agreed that there are lots of stories to choose from and it has been very exciting to use a new form that we haven’t really explored.

We shared our poems as assigned from last week and discussed the lives of the poets as well as what made the poems so dear to us.

Then we played a game to get the creative juices flowing. Writer’s Dice were used and each member added on to a short story using the image on the die as inspiration. We told the story of a young wizard trapped in a pyramid, inside a garden, inside a maze, inside an apple farm. It was very entertaining and really pushed us to come up with new ideas.

We added a new member and ended the meeting with a quick discussion of coming events.
Tonight is Game Night in the PHCC library from 4pm-7pm. We will be breaking in a new writing game! If you’re in the area please feel free to join us.

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