I’ve spent my life looking for a word

Hello Creative Writer,

As a writer you well know the struggle of finding the perfect word. There are so many to choose from but there is a short list of words that convey the right nuance, the right emotion and the perfect message.

It can be torturous to sit with a sentence nearly complete but for one word that hides at the tip of your tongues and on the edge of consciousness.

Imagine, then, this feeling amplified. It is not just a sentence that needs completing.

For years, decades, my mind has been searching for a word. I read as much as I can. I write. I scour the internet and google but this illusive word refuses to show it’s self. I can feel it watching me. I know it exists. So i’ll write until it is ready to be discovered.


Do you have a favorite word, one that you find yourself saying or using in your writing alot? Share your favorite words with us.


One thought on “I’ve spent my life looking for a word

  1. One of my favorite words has always been “Ameliorate” with means to improve or make something bad into something better than it was. I love the way it sounds and I love what it means.


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